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I'd Do It Again

by Tammy Schaffer
copyright 01-10-2003

Age Rating: 7 +

The road behind our house was notorious for cars losing control on the sweeping curve. Almost everyday you could hear the sound of squealing tires. Most of the time the driver was able to regain control of his vehicle before crashing or doing any serious damage, but that day, the road, combined with speed, would claim a car.

Fortunate enough to have my birthday in June, we were celebrating my twentieth with a B-B-Q in the backyard. I heard tires squealing and looked up from my steaks to witness the destruction of a Honda Accord. The car careened into the retaining wall, spun back towards the road, flipped over twice and landed back on its wheels. I will never forget the sound that little car made as it was crashing.

I hollered for my mother to call ‘911’ , jumped over the fence and raced towards the car. Broken glass, paper, and tools littered the road. Seeing that the driver seemed uninjured and was getting out of the car by himself, I turned my attention to the passenger.

Struggling with the door I could see that the passenger was severely injured. It looked like his head had hit the windshield. Blood was everywhere.

I finally managed to pull open the door. The man was in extreme pain and he was frightened. I put my jacket over him and told him to be still, that help will be here soon.

By now a small crowd started to gather. People were screaming at me to get away from the car because they could smell gasoline. With everyone screaming, the man started to struggle to get out of the car. He just couldn’t move and I was not about to leave him alone like that. I talked calmly to him, telling him not to worry and to stay still. Taking his hand in mine, I assured him that I wasn’t going to leave him alone.

Liquid was running from the car and down the street. I was scared to death, and in my minds eye I was sure that the car would catch fire and I would burn to death with this stranger. I relaxed a little when I saw my neighbor get his garden hose and he sprayed water onto the street near the car.

What seemed like hours to me, was in actuality only about twelve minutes before the emergency crews arrived. They ushered me from the car and went right to work extracting the passenger.

Just before they put him in the ambulance he asked for me. I went to him and he hugged me. With tears in his eyes he thanked me and told me that he would never forget my bravery. The paramedics lifted him into the ambulance and rushed him to the hospital.

I felt like I really made a difference in someone’s life, when they needed it the most. No matter what the risk to myself, I‘d do it again.

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        04-15-2004     Nancy Pawley        

True bravery is when you don't give a thought to yourself, but to helping others in difficult circumstances and situations and true heros come about by saying they would do the same thing again. Wonderful write, Tammy.

        03-09-2003     Kay Lee Kelly        

Well done,

        02-19-2003     Kevin (Buddy) Ales        

Tammy, I really liked this story... It had a lesson to it if you read carefully and put it all together...

        01-25-2003     Tammy Schaffer        

Just a note to thank you all for your comments and suggestions.
If you have anymore, I need to hear them.

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