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by Danielle Laukhart (Age: 30)
copyright 01-19-2003

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High above I fly away, I fly away to find a place to live where I can be warmer and Happier. I am a Bird that wants to live away from noise and crowds. I feel that I can't fly any farther than I already have so I fall to the ground like a duck that was just shot by a poacher, But I was not shot I just fell from the sky. When I hit the ground I broke both my legs and one wing, Now I think I'll never fly again I feel like I'll die just lying hear.
I hearSomeone coming but I can't move I cant fly, I'm captured. I try to say "where are you taking me " but the man did not understand me. Finally we stopped, the man picked me up as gentale as he could so he wouldn't hurt me. He took me inside of a building and he wraped my legs and my wing in some type of bandage then he put me In a nice little cage that had a nest food and watter. Then A week later I died. I died thinking of the man that took care of me, I thought about if he haddn't brought me hear I would have died in the willderness all cold and scared bbut I died in a nice place.

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