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by Barry Clopton Lanier (Age: 61)
copyright 01-25-2003

Age Rating: 16 +

Hast thou no scars?

No hidden, covered, marks on foot, or side, or hand?
Tales from the folk, sung thee mighty in the land.
I hear them compare thee to a bright, shining star and
braven man.

Hast thou no scars?

Hast thou no wounds?

Yet wounded by the yielding knife, by the bully spent,
Left to die on cold ground, so the times went.
Upon the hands of a sociopath that cornered and swooned.

Hast thou no wounds?

No wound, no scars?
To miss the view, would to remain afar.
Guardian angels did follow and circle,
Bound the feet that followed me;
My fate protected, no real defeat.

I but Thine, yet obviously whole,
Protected, Divine, let fate unfold.
Yet Thine are whole; and traveled far
Who has no wound?
Who has no scar?

A work that came upon me in the middle of the night, a little complex, yet simple, probably needing a little more revision and editing, however for now, posted welcoming suggestions........Thanks...Barry

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        03-21-2014     Rachel Brown        

This Barry is a true masterpiece indeed
I love the rythem in this poem it really speaks to the reader of this tapestry .
A wonderous read indeed I love the very ebb and flow of this piece of work.
God Bless and Thanks for sharing.
R. Brown

        03-25-2003     Pushpa Ratna Tuladhar        

Awesome work. Thanks, Barry

        03-22-2003     Janet Owenby        

Glad to see this poem is on front page where it deserves to be this is a very moving piece of work. When something moves me this much and is this well written. I must give a perfect score

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