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Sailor Scout Karaoke 2

by Haley Thistle (Age: 28)
copyright 02-02-2003

Age Rating: 10 +

(Serena) So many nights lone and scared
(Mina) Then I looked aisde and you where there-
(Ami) As hard as it was I alwys believed
(Ray) Then Suddenly I was set free!
(Lita) Fantastic Action! Your love
(Luna) As time road on you help me get along
(Rini) And finally you taught me love!
(Michiru) And some how just when my heart fell apart
(Haruka) You picked up the pieces and gave me new heart
(Hotaru) Then you showed me how to love agian
(Setsuna) Fantastic Action! Your love
(Seyia) Tell me how you showed me the way
(Yaten) Show me the way to revive
(Taiki) All the love deep inside baby
(Kakyu) And all the time we brought and ll the love we sought
(Chibi Chibi).......CHIBI CHIBI! La, la, la, la
(All) Fantstic Action! Your love oh your love, it set me free, I believe. That everytime you go you let me know. With rose by my head nd a whisper our loves not dead! Fabtstic Action our love shll grow. Fbtastic Action! I want you to know, ll my love does show-

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