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Alone I Stood

by Debra Rose (Age: 30)
copyright 02-03-2003

Age Rating: 7 +

Alone I stood, amongst in the cold,
Gazing out upon the ruins,
Praying an angel would take me home--
Prove a whispered promise true.

But time was bleak, caught in despair
Without a craven hope to trust,
All words spoken thin as air--
Shattered at the slightest thrust.

Abandoned, I thought, for good I'd stay,
Left without a soul to speak,
And darkness would forever play,
Within a heart so barren and bleak.

Then you appeared, through smoke so black,
Gliding through this land of ghosts,
Taking my hand, not turning your back,
Somehow knowing that I needed you most.

Giving my soul, you gave your hand,
Lifting to the sky, I knew,
My angel had taken me from these lands,
My angel proved her promise true.

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        06-22-2004     Misty Montier        

you have a way with words...and you can feel the emotion leaping off the page...Misty

        06-14-2004     Chelsea Armstrong        

ok, seriously, I have put my reputation on the back burner. -sighs- Some are just better than others I suppose. This is a wonderful story deary, love it. <(")>

        05-25-2004     Sage Bruce        

beautiful,fantastic! those words don't even come close descibe how your poem was written!very good! I would love to learn from you.

        12-07-2003     Meagan Shafer        

another great poem! keep it up!!!

        12-04-2003     Jessalyn Hamby        

Hey this was awsome. I wouldn't change a damn thing!!!! The poem is your's not their's and it seems to work for everyone else too. It's all from the heart and that's all that matters babes!!! Keep it up!!!

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