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Love Ashes

by Lyle Berry (Age: 70)
copyright 02-07-2003

Age Rating: 18 +
Love Ashes

Sifting the ashes
emboldens the death wish.
With them trickling
through my mind sieve,
Iím reluctant to breathe
or swallow.
Flashbacks to your flavors
only drives the kris in deeper
and gives it a sadistic twist.

And why must they swirl
through cobwebbed corridors
of my cranium
(resurrecting that giggling child I adored)
when I least expect it?

Even worse,
if I stir them up,
hauntings by your naked ghost
bend my brain to chaos
and render me racked
to bedlamic sniveldom.
I pray to be a desert,
where tears fry to mist
before they erode my dunes.

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        08-18-2005     Roger Crique        

This is beautifully and intelligently written. Plenty of class outstanding imagery. Great flow and magnificent narration.

        03-08-2003     Kay Lee Kelly        

"Sifting the ashes
emboldens the death wish."
I wish I wrote that, this poem made the hairs
on my arm stand up, or is that too much information?

        02-16-2003     Vicky Dewing        

I am in awe! Please never stop sharing your talent.

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