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Inner Storms

by Christopher Doss (Age: 31)
copyright 02-16-2003

Age Rating: 7 +

I stare at the
shattered mirror
Each broken piece
reflecting a
mask I possess

A storm rages
behind the eyes
Confusion caused
by the many
voices within

Buried anger
liquefied by
betrayal's heat
simmers slowly,
burning logic

Frustration reigns
in younger years
Childhood offers
its surrender

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        04-20-2004     Nancy Pawley        

Doesn't seem to matter what age we are, inner storms are bound to rage. Great write, Christopher.

        05-27-2003     Irina Guschina        

What a bright and mature feelings! What a child spontaneity and naturalness!... Irina.

        03-11-2003     Christopher Doss        

ROFL Heather!
I will attempt to act my age more often--
S'up pretty Baby?

better? hahaha
Thanks for the comments all


        03-09-2003     Heather Lynn McDanel        

That's It! I have decided that you lied about your age and are really in your mid 40's!!! seriously dam (the thing that holds back water not the swear) boy... if it weren't for the s'up you put in a comment I would swear you were older....keep writing cause it obviously suits you... oh and p.s. if you get famous one day remember to hook a girl up with a signed copy of your book to sell on
Heather Lynn

        03-07-2003     Janet Owenby        

This is a very good poem so much said in each short verse.

        03-04-2003     Andreana Kramer        

you did good keep working on it i liked it so don't give up just a few corrections.

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