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Help! New Mom!

by Pepper Basham
copyright 03-02-2003

Age Rating: 18 +

This little bundle, God did bless,
I never knew could cause such stress.
From sleepless nights and crying fits,
I know Iíve almost lost my wits.
Her poop can cover queen size sheets.
No socks will stay upon her feet.
Her lung-size must be large- no doubt,
For all the screaming she puts out.

Yet in those quiet moments, still,
A brand new loveliness I feel.
A taste of Heaven in such small skin,
Who grew, formed, lived, and fit within.
A miracle, no less will do
And knowing that will get me through:

The fifth diaper within an hour,
The milk I let sit out and sour,
The burp-up stain upon my blouse,
The toyland scattered through my house,
The snotty nose that will not stop,
Those times I feel my head will pop.
From frantic nights to days of calm,
Help me, I am a brand new mom.

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        07-23-2013     phantomwrays        

As I am not a mom I do not know personally the hardships, nor the happiness, but this was so great at adding a bit of both. You showed both sides, the love you have for your daughter but also the 'what do I do??' feeling that comes along with it. Enjoy your little bundle! Great poem :)

        07-07-2004     Jeniffer Brand        

THAT was awesome! Thanks for reminding of why I dont want kids ;-) My sister is a new mom and I'm a VERY, VERY happy Auntie!!!!

        03-22-2003     Walter Jones        

All of this and soft lullabys sung underneath moon beam skys, a rocking here a story there, love like spring is in the air...I envy you, even the changing part...Walt

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