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Lead the Way

by Pepper Basham
copyright 04-05-2003

Age Rating: 16 +

I can't see the future, clearly,
but I know my past is chaseing close behind.
This new world isn't simple or easy.
I trust you are walking by my side.
There are dangers and mountains ahead,
You bring blessings of rest.
Your unfailing love is secure
and Your plans are the best.

Lead the way, my Father
I will follow You.
I have my cross to carry,
but You will pull me through.
Weeping may endure for the night,
but joy comes with the morning new.
Lead the way, I will follow you.

By Your hands, I'm placed in this moment
with other believers who sheild me with Your love.
Though storms may come just like firey arrows,
I'll trust in the One who saves me with His blood.
When I'm too weak to hold onto You,
Your still clinging to me.
Life's worth living no matter the cost
because You've set me free.

Darkness only can last for a while
but hope lives within just one smile
Made to worship and be known by You,
there is nothing I can't make it through.

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        07-30-2004     Jack Curson        

Very well written, awesome. I love the Faith you have in the poem. Excellent Hope in He that is Lord. Keep up the good work.

        04-11-2003     Walter Jones        

Excellent, Walt

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