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My Name is ____(Regina's Challenge)

by Riley Mackenzie (Age: 25)
copyright 04-19-2003

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My name is Jello,
I'm a curious fellow.
I'm made of orange carpet, but i got spots that are yellow!
Sometimes I say 'hello!'
And others times I'm just mellow.
Yep thats me; Mellow Yellow Jello Fellow!

I like to sing a song,
But my friends say I'm really wrong.
'Cause they think I'm a ding-dong,
They say Mello Yello Jello Fellow's sing in Hong-Kong,
So I went to Hong-Kong and said 'I'm gonna live here lifelong!'
Yep thats me; The Really Wrong Hong-Kong Ding-Dong!

....You put it all together and i am:
The Really Wrong Mellow Ding-Dong Yellow Hong-Kong Jello Fellow!!

**what?! i can't help it if i think strangely lol**
**oh and thanks Regina for the challenge!!!**

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        04-14-2006     Caitlin Nooner        

I love this poem. It is just so creative. I love how it rhymes. And that you kept adding names.


        02-24-2004     Eve Czigan        

Very funny, I loved it! No need to change a thing!

        04-26-2003     Riley Mackenzie        

are you confused about the fellow part? cuz part of the challenge was to talk about yourself, and Regina said i could be a made up person so thats what i did ^-^

        04-26-2003     Nadia Emanuel        

lol, funny, but now i'm kinda confused '-_- oh well, good write and answer!

        04-26-2003     Anne Whelmer        

Very good!!! made me laugh...ur not a fellow...or r u???

        04-25-2003     Regina S.        

Thank you Riley, I'll have to try this challange myself someday. ^-^

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