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When Life Turns You Out

by Lonnie Kornoely (Age: 39)
copyright 04-19-2003

Age Rating: 18 +

When life turns you out,
it causes you to be cold,
it spreads like a fu*king
disease. It has a way of
crushing all your dreams.
Once filled with love and joy
now filled with pain and hate.

When life turns you out,
Drugs and drinking are now
your best friends but all they
do is bring you closer to the
end. A world full or violence
and bloodshed loneliness now
becomes your normal friend.

When life turns you out,
so cold and hateful, you
try and sleep and all you
can do is lay there and weep.
People say you arenít who you
used to be. Iíll tell you this
when life turns you out you will
understand why I am the way I am.

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        10-11-2009     Mae Futter Stein        

I know you feel like the last person on earth, but sometimes life is being tested for you. You can be who you want to be with faith and doing the right thing. Trust in your higher spirits and give yourself more will power to fight off those awful feelings of pain and sadness. It gets you no place. Raise your head high and walk proud, because around the corner is something great waiting for you. Mae

        10-10-2009     June Nazarian        

Lonnie - enjoyable read, but I would hope that life would never be turned out so completely. It really is only the perception. I think there are always new doors and roads if one but keeps mind and heart open, and looks to something beyond self. June

        10-09-2009     Cynthia Baello        

"When life turns you out" could be put in another way "when Adversity challenges you in the ring of life" and from my own personal experience, I have been "turned out" and "challenged" many times. From childhood until now I learned to put my knuckles up and fight life's blows, and though black and blue, sometimes falling down, I never gave in to a knockout. They say the "last man standing is the winner" and I tell you, I am not done yet. I can understand the "why I am the way I am" phrase, because hardships and trials can either make you better or bitter, and this poem
reveals that. Also.I noticed a certain word, that is used here for impact, but it actually defeats the meaning of the poem. A more appropriate word can redeem its worth, I suppose. Choice is something only you can make, and people never have the priviledge of doing it for you.
Turning into negative options only sinks you further into the quicksand, as the phrase "Drugs and drinking"..."a world full of violence"...bloodshed and loneliness now becomes your normal friend."

Again I say, either you choose to stand and fight your bouts in the ring of life or you give up your gloves and lie crying on the floor. Choose.

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