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Carrot Eyed Dorsey

by Dorsey Winter (Age: 25)
copyright 04-25-2003

Age Rating: 10 +

(This is a story my dad told me a few weeks ago.I give all credit to that silly man.)

Once there was a family who lived on a farm.They had a friend named Elmer.Elmer sold them some "chikens". One day when the little girl of the family went to feed them,she noticed somthing.
"These chickens look more like ducks than anything else!" When she looked at them more she figured out that they were ducks.So this girl grabbed her gun and went to Elmer's house thinking about jerks who sell ducks and say they are chickens.
When she got to Elmer's house she broke the door down."Where are you,scum!" Elmer came out of the shadows,with a slingshot full of carrots.Elmer shot her in the eye with the carrot,and her eye was gone a carrot in its place.Dorsey was mad.She used all her bullits on that idiot and threw a gernade at his T.V.
When she walked out of the house it was burning.Nobody knew why she came home with a carrot as in eye,but who even cares anyway.That is the tale of carrot eyed Dorsey.
I am sorry if yourname is Elmer :)

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        07-09-2013     Mae Futter Stein        

That sounds like a story that didn't go anywhere.
How could a little girl do all the things she did. It must have been a dream, or a story he made up as your dad was telling it. He must be a funny cute dad. Sounds like some sort of cartoon.
Does he read the funny papers on Sunday? In all reality, dad's can be entertaining. Thank you for sharing your silly old dad's story. He sounds like a great dad. Tell him for me that it was most amusing.

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