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The Lonely Bunny(Has Zelda characters from Magora's Mask and Ocarina Of Time. But, has some madeup facts)

by hedwig (Age: 25)
copyright 04-26-2003

Age Rating: 7 +
The Lonely Bunny(Has Zelda characters from Magora's Mask and Ocarina Of Time. But, has some madeup facts)

It was a dark and stormy night on a ranch. The only thing outside was a miserable bunny. Cremia and Romia couldn't sleep so, they looked outside. Cremia pointed out the bunny, trying to look for shelter.
Romia said,"What is it little sis?"
Cremia said,"Bunny, is looking for shelter."
Romia said,"Stay here Cremia, I don't want you to get yelled at."
Romia walked through the rain as if it were damaging her. Then, saw the bunny. Cremia looked at the window happy and scared. She was happy because Cremia was saving the bunny. But, sad because Romia was feeling weaker every second. Romia walked to the bunny, then tried to hold it. But, it ran away and stopped. Cremia went back to bed.
Link, Kafei, and Anju headed for the ranch.
Kafei said,"I never knew our wedding would end out this rainy. It's my fault!"
Anju said,"It's not your fault!"
Anju, and Kafei were about to kiss. Link was in the middle and stopped them with his hands.
Link said,"No more kissing lets find some shelter. That's why we came here."
Romia said,"Maybe the bunny found shelter."
She turned around and saw Link, Anju, and Kafei. The rain disappeared.(magical)
Romia said,"LINK! It's you!"
Her eyes widened and had a twinkle in her right eye. Link, and Romia had daydreamed long ago getting married.Anju, and Kaefi were staring at them confused. Link and Romia stopped day dreaming.
Cremia said wiping of the drool," So, who are they? And what do you want?"
Kafei said tired,"I'm Kafei and this is my wife Angu."
Anju said,"Where looking for shelter."
Cremia gave them a guest room. They all went to sleep. Romia walked outside and finally saw the bunny. Then, slowly grabbed it. The bunny cried. Romia screamed, the bunny cried.
She said,"Your strange and anyways why are you crying?"
The bunny said,"My name is Lonely. All the bunnies hated me because I was different."
Romia said,"I can help you. You stay here with me and my sister."
Lonely said,"OKAY!"
The sun rose and Cremia's, and Romia's dad wokeup. He got dressed. Then let out the animals. After went back to bed. Anju wokeup, then got on a new pair of clothes. So did Kafei, and Link. They went outside. Cremia ran after them when she was finished getting dressed. Romia ran to them carrying the bunny.
Cremia said,"BUNNY!"
Lonely said,"It's Lonely, and I'll tell you something I can be good when danger comes. I'll make it go away."
Romia said,"We are keeping him becuase the other bunnies didn't like him so he ran away."
Link said,"I'm staying here my missions are done. When I'm homesick, it will be my last goodbye."
Kafei and Anju waved goodbye and went home.
Lonely turned yellow and made the ranch love lovelier.
Cremia hugged Lonely. That's the story of "The Lonely Bunny" named Lonely.

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