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The Code Of Ethics

by Robert Betts (Age: 71)
copyright 05-18-2003

Age Rating: 1 +

1) All members will respect all other members of the site never making rude or cruel remarks toward another author's work.

2) Be willing to form a sense of community as a whole with everyone working together through e-mails, and workshops.

3) Be willing to branch out and read and rate all work, not just that of specific members, try to read different works by different authors.

4) Be willing to help Bob Betts when asked with matters concerning the site.

5) Everyone should try to set aside some time at least once a week to spend at PnP to make workshop comments and read others works.

6) Be Honest and Loyal members at PnP with no prejudices or vindictive acts formed against any member or the owner of PnP.

7) Be polite and courteous during meetings at PnP; type floor to speak and yield when finished.

8) Always respect and consider the feelings of your co-authors at PnP.

9) All members must read and understand the PnP terms of service.

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Comments on this Article/Poem:
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        04-19-2005     Brian Dickenson        

These rule should not only be for PnP. They are appropriate rules to live ones life by.
Well thought out,

        09-11-2004     Paula Tsvayg        

What were the first three rules?
I'm sorry, I missed them.
I agree with all the rules listed above.
I will try hard to follow them.
Of course I will.

        07-17-2003     Toni Sweeney        

Good job. I will follow them all

        05-24-2003     Gregory Christiano        

The rules sound reasonable and shouldn't be a problem for people to follow. Sorry I missed the meeting which formulated them.
Warm regards,

        05-21-2003     Christopher Doss        

Awesome job typing this Janet, all points are clear and easily understood =)
I agree on all matters..
Chris D

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