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Introducing Sailor Earth, Part 2

by Katie Langolf (Age: 31)
copyright 05-23-2003

Age Rating: 7 +

"It feels weird going into your house," Laura said, "usually I just drop you off and leave."
"Well, there's a first time for everything, Laura" Katie said.
Katie unlocked the side door and the two girls went in. Unknown to them, the same black cat was watching them. She quietly gazed through the window.
"There's my little kitty!" Katie said, as a black and white tuxedo cat with a black nose walked up to her. The cat rubbed up against Katie's leg and sniffed Laura's feet. "How's my K.C.? How's my baby girl?"
"She's sooo cute!" Laura said.
"I know," Katie said, picking the cat up, "Her nose is what I fell in love with. It's so cute. That and she kept trying to get out of the playpen."
"How cute," Laura said.
"AHH!" came a scream outside.
"What was that!?" Laura and Katie said, together. They ran outside and saw what looked like a huge humanoid flower with teeth. It was draining the energy from a little girl.
"Oh no!" Laura said.
The creature looked at Laura, and threw a type of dust at her. When the dust hit Laura, she fell asleep. She collapsed to the ground.
"Laura!" Katie said, catching Laura before she hit the ground. Katie closed her eyes tight to control her temper. "I want to help them!" Katie thought, "I want to save them!" As Katie is thinking this, a symbol appears on Katie's forehead.
"Earth!" the black cat said, in awe. "She is the one. She is Sailor Earth!" The cat did a back flip and a midnight blue brooch with a black earth symbol appeared (the earth symbol looks a lot like this: +, only it's in a circle, which on the brooch is silver).
The cat grabbed it and called out to Katie. "Katie, catch!" The cat said, sliding the brooch to Katie. Katie caught it. Then looked at the cat.
"Call out "Earth Galactic Power!" the cat said.
"Ok," Katie said, standing up. "Earth Galactic Power!" She called out. Instantly she was surrounded with midnight blue light with silver sparkles. When she stepped out, her school uniform was gone. In it's place was a white bodice with a midnight blue sailor collar with two white stripes and a pale yellow bow in front with her brooch over the knot, and a midnight blue mini-skirt with a pale yellow bow in back. On her arms were long, elbow length white gloves with three puffy, midnight blue bands around the elbows. On her feet were knee high, midnight blue, low heel boots, with white stripes around the knee. She wore a midnight blue choker with a pale yellow earth symbol on her throat, her usual diamond earrings, given to her by her grandmother on her dad's side, in her ears, lip gloss on her lips, and a golden tiara on her forehead. The jewel on the tiara was midnight blue with silver sparkles.
Katie looked down at herself. Then her hand moved to her hair. To her surprise, it was down, instead of up in a blue hair tie like she had it.
"Wow!" she gasped, in awe.
"Katie!" the cat said, "you are Sailor Earth!"
"Really?" Katie asked.
"Yes. Now, quickly, rescue that little girl!" the cat said.
"Ok!" Sailor Earth said, before calling out to the monster. "Hey, plant breath!" she called out.
"Huh?" the monster said, looking up.
"How dare you attack a helpless little girl! I will not allow it!" Sailor Earth called out.
"Who are you?" asked the monster.
"I'm Sailor Earth, the Guardian of Earth, and in the name love, justice, and freedom, you will be punished!" Sailor Earth said, pointing to the monster.
"In that case," the plant said, throwing vines at Sailor Earth. Sailor Earth jumped.
"What do I do now?" she asked the cat.
"Call out, "Earth Pyroshere Ignite!" the cat instructed.
"Ok," Sailor Earth said.
Then she held her hands close together, as the background turned into a picture of a volcano. Then, a softball sized ball of fire formed in between her hands. Then, she called out "Earth... Pyrosphere... Ignite!" as the ball of fire launches itself at the monster. It hit the monster, turning it to ash.
"Whoa, cool!" Sailor Earth said.
Later that day, after Laura went home, Katie and the cat were sitting in Katie's bedroom.
"I am Gyea," the cat said, "I will be your guardian cat."
"I have a question," Katie said.
"Shoot," Gyea said.
"Well, you look a lot like Luna, Sailor Moon's cat. Why is that?" Katie asked.
"That's because we are twin sisters. Except for the fact that she talks with a European accent and I have a standard accent, we are pretty much identical," Gyea said, "actually, there is no real way of telling us apart by just looking at us."
"I can fix that," Katie said. She got off of her bed and walked to her tall dresser. She opened a drawer, and pulled out a midnight blue colored piece of silk fabric with silver sparkles on it. Then, she walked to Gyea and tyed the fabric around Gyea's neck in a big bow.
"There!" Katie said, "it looks good on you."
"Thanks," Gyea said, smiling.
"Your welcome," Katie said, smiling. "Ya know, this looks like the beginning of a great adventure."

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        02-27-2006     Elisabeth Hatheway        

You have a good thing going with Sailor Earth, however Tuxedo Mask is the prince of Earth, so maybe you could write in how these two could be/ are related. Also try and make your story more original. It sounds like the first movie since you have a flower-person monster who attacks people. Good so far!

        11-06-2005     Mehrina Asif        

Cool idea of a Sailor Earth! I always wondered why we have a Sailor Moon when all the other Sailor Scouts are named after PLANETS...

        05-29-2005     Mika Lee        

Good story, its better than the first. I cant wait 4 the next to come out. Theres a couple of errors but they can be fixed. Great job

        02-04-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Why you did not enter Andrew's contest I don't would have won easy. This is great I wish you would write more on this subject. Thanks, Anthony

        12-11-2004     Andrew Findlay        

Excellent story.
I always wondered why there was no Sailor Earth in the series, now I know why...they were waiting for you to create her.
I hope you continue this story. I would like to know more about Sailor Earth's role during the Silver Millenium and how she relates to the other Scouts.
Will she join up with the other Scouts, or is she a loner like Sailor V was? Can't wait to see how she deals with her new found powers.

        09-17-2004     Paula Tsvayg        

Well, you e-mailed me telling me you have part 2 up.
It's been there for a while, never noticed it before.
Will there be a part three?
I sure hope so, this is turning out to be very interesting!
You just have a couple of spelling mistakes to straughten up!

        07-10-2003     Anna Ellis        

this is really good.

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