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Recent Works
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by Regina Pate
Battles Within...
by Jack Curson
Lorain – A short remin...
by Mike Farr
Scream!!!--a Bipolar O...
by Wayne Thomas
Flowing Thoughts.. Let...
by Andrea Carter Salas
by Jeff Holt
Animal, Vegetable and ...
by Jacqueline Ives
by Susan Brown
Kaskaskia Bell...
by Mervin H. Dochterman
by Eric Siedzikowski
Answers to lifes quest...
by Jeanette Foresta
A PI's work is never d...
by phoenix
by Alan Reed
By The Crystal of H...
by Rachel Brown
by Megan Johnston

Win Date Praise Ages Title and Writer
10-28-06 4+ Halloween Night
  by James Shammas
10-17-06 4+ For A Season
  by Deborah Thomas
Contest Winner 10-16-06 10+ Never Look Back
  by BJ Niktabe
10-11-06 13+ Kaitlyn
  by Taryn Drag
10-08-06 10+ Anglo–Saxon Women of the Mid-5th Century: More Than Just the Bearers of Fruit
  by tigerlilly
10-08-06 10+ Wannabe A Pioneer
  by tigerlilly
10-07-06 13+ The Only Reason to Go On
  by Sam Hackel-Butt
10-06-06 10+ Just Another Bridge to Cross
  by Deborah Thomas
09-22-06 7+ 10 Things Not To Do With A Ninja Squirrel
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
09-22-06 7+ Introducing...Sailor Chibi Chibi Star! Chapter 1
  by Holly Mcavoy
09-08-06 7+ 10 Things Not To Do Working in a Department Store
  by BJ Niktabe
Contest Winner 09-04-06 10+ 10 Things Not to Do As a Freshman
  by Amelia Zada
08-28-06 7+ The Golden Door
  by Elisabeth Hatheway
08-26-06 16+ Celestial Politics Chapter 1
  by Kacey Norman
08-18-06 10+ Stream of Consciousness
  by Sam Hackel-Butt
08-14-06 7+ A Fairy Tale On The Dark Side
  by Richard Reed Jr
08-11-06 10+ They Must Be Watching Over Us
  by Kimberly Angelone
08-07-06 10+ Once Upon A Charming Day...
  by Euna Park
08-07-06 13+ Compare and Contrast of the Hariyani and Massai
  by Jaime Romans
08-03-06 7+ An Odd Character (Contest Entry)
  by Jordan Screws
08-02-06 7+ Sailor Scout Stories: Serena's Self-esteem aka The Return Of Queen Beryl
  by Elisabeth Hatheway
07-31-06 16+ In The Basement
  by BJ Niktabe
07-24-06 10+ One More Chance
  by Jessica Peters
07-22-06 13+ The Story Of Two Sisters Who Became Sailor Senshi
  by Brenna Swab
07-22-06 13+ Untitled
  by Ashley Mcbee
07-20-06 18+ Velveteen Father
  by Mali Neve
07-19-06 7+ The Hunt
  by BJ Niktabe
07-17-06 16+ Miguel
  by Mali Neve
07-11-06 13+ Anything for Baby...
  by Amelia Zada
07-06-06 13+ untitled
  by Tammy Frascona
07-01-06 13+ Sailor Perfect - A Mary-Sue Parody
  by Mary Divis
07-01-06 7+ A New Sailor Senshi Named Sailor Galaxy Chapter 5!
  by Brenna Swab
06-29-06 16+ Fallen Darkness
  by Tabitha Beaudin
06-22-06 7+ The Break-up
  by Mary Smith
06-22-06 18+ Sakura's Date with Sasuke
  by Mary Smith
06-16-06 7+ Sailor Moon Mixed Mew Mew Power Story!
  by Brenna Swab
06-16-06 7+ A New Sailor Senshi Named Sailor Galaxy Chapter 4!
  by Brenna Swab
06-12-06 16+ The Killing Of The gingerbread man
  by Tabitha Beaudin
06-12-06 7+ The New Sailor Senshi Named Sailor Galaxy Chapter 3!
  by Brenna Swab
06-08-06 7+ The New Sailor Senshi Sailor Galaxy Chapter 2!
  by Brenna Swab
Contest Winner 06-08-06 10+ Evolution of a Poem
  by Geoff Ewing
06-06-06 7+ A New Sailor Senshi Named Sailor Galaxy Chapter 1!
  by Brenna Swab
06-05-06 10+ The Chase
  by Sammy Anderson
06-03-06 13+ Dark Desires- part 1 (sailor moon/ Ranma fan fiction)
  by Tabitha Beaudin
Contest Winner 06-02-06 13+ Worsened Verse
  by Geoff Ewing
05-30-06 7+ The Girl
  by Vicki Grinrod
05-26-06 10+ The Fall
  by Sam Hackel-Butt
05-24-06 10+ It's A Train Wreck, Or Is That A Truck Wreck?
  by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball
05-24-06 4+ The Storm
  by BJ Niktabe
05-22-06 13+ Musings of a Healer on the Changes and Adaptation of the Role
  by Jaime Romans
Win Date Praise Ages Title and Writer
05-18-06 10+ Mermaid Waters
  by Elisabeth Hatheway
05-17-06 13+ The diary of a miserable girl
  by Shannon Walter
Contest Winner 05-15-06 10+ This Couldn't Be Happening
  by Richard Reed Jr
05-12-06 7+ Memories Are All That's Left
  by BJ Niktabe
05-11-06 1+ A Holocaust story
  by Shannon Walter
05-09-06 13+ Robbed
  by BJ Niktabe
05-09-06 7+ I can be so nice... yet so mean
  by Shannon Walter
05-09-06 7+ The life and times of Sailor Pluto
  by Alma Hulbert
05-02-06 16+ Best of Intentions
  by Geoff Ewing
04-30-06 7+ Naruto Fanfiction
  by Jessica Peters
04-26-06 18+ Bringer of Darkness (Part Three: Confrontation)
  by Tiffany Forster
04-25-06 10+ Will You Go to Prom with Me?
  by Vicki Grinrod
04-16-06 16+ Abortion... Good or Bad?
  by Shannon Walter
04-14-06 16+ I'm sorry I walked away...
  by Shannon Walter
04-05-06 13+ Every Couple
  by Geoff Ewing
04-04-06 10+ Cat Notes -- a collection of anecdotes
  by Geoff Ewing
03-25-06 7+ Research on Pompeii (My History Essay) hehe
  by whitedragon
03-24-06 4+ Fall
  by Paula Tsvayg
03-21-06 16+ Matteo
  by Jacquie Smith
Contest Winner 03-17-06 13+ The Agony and Ecstasy of Writing
  by Richard Reed Jr
Contest Winner 03-12-06 4+ Snow Monologue
  by Jean George
03-11-06 7+ Fly
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
03-11-06 10+ Still thinking of one or two
  by Alma Hulbert
Contest Winner 03-07-06 10+ Listen To Your Heart
  by Sam Hackel-Butt
02-24-06 4+ Breakaway
  by usprincess123
02-24-06 7+ Panic Attacks
  by Richard Reed Jr
02-23-06 10+ Breaking Free of Meth--One Year Anniversary
  by Debra Rose
02-23-06 4+ I've talked to my feet when i was young!
  by Elizabeth Thornton
02-22-06 4+ Emily's First Pet
  by Elizabeth Thornton
02-19-06 10+ The Three Sisters
  by Makayla Kutch
02-09-06 10+ Cell Phone Monopolies and Abusive Pricing
  by Robert Betts
02-09-06 10+ Diagnosis Unknown
  by Sammy Anderson
02-05-06 13+ The Religious War
  by Ashley Gesford
01-24-06 1+ I threw away my wishes...
  by Debra Rose
01-23-06 4+ Oops, Didn‘t Mean To!
  by tigerlilly
01-23-06 10+ Hillary Rodham Clinton: A Real Life Wonder Woman
  by tigerlilly
01-23-06 1+ Reader's Theatre: Fun Play About the "Nyms" (rhyming too!)
  by tigerlilly
01-23-06 13+ A Real Disney Princess
  by tigerlilly
01-22-06 7+ Simplicity
  by Mika Lee
01-09-06 18+ Bringer of Darkness (Part Two: Marked)
  by Tiffany Forster
01-08-06 4+ 10 Things Not to do in Public
  by Sarah Barrett
01-08-06 13+ Mike MacD's Guide to Professional Writing
  by Mike Macdonald
01-01-06 7+ The Black Ripple
  by Tiffany Forster
12-28-05 4+ 10 things not to do at a funeral
  by Paula Tsvayg
12-21-05 10+ Sailor Aura
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
12-15-05 7+ 2005
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
12-15-05 10+ Me? - Cheating?
  by David Pekrul
12-14-05 18+ A New Sailor is Born
  by Katrina Friend
12-12-05 13+ Philosophical Essay
  by Sam Hackel-Butt
12-11-05 10+ The Best Gift
  by Sammy Anderson

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