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Recent Works
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Lorain – A short remin...
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Scream!!!--a Bipolar O...
by Wayne Thomas
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by Andrea Carter Salas
by Jeff Holt
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by Jacqueline Ives
by Susan Brown
Kaskaskia Bell...
by Mervin H. Dochterman
by Eric Siedzikowski
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by Jeanette Foresta
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by phoenix
by Alan Reed
By The Crystal of H...
by Rachel Brown
by Megan Johnston

Win Date Praise Ages Title and Writer
06-01-03 13+ the break up
  by Kayde Gibbon
Contest Winner 06-01-03 13+ Innocence's Blood
  by Victoria Medley
06-01-03 10+ How To Rate and Judge Poetry
  by Moses Hochstetler
05-31-03 1+ God Answers
  by Melissa Bean
05-29-03 18+ Bad Deal
  by Walter Jones
05-25-03 13+ Crimson Rain
  by Shannon Jaime
05-24-03 13+ Where Do I Belong?
  by Haley Thistle
05-23-03 7+ Introducing Sailor Earth, Part 2
  by Katie Langolf
05-23-03 13+ Sunny Side Up
  by Moses Hochstetler
05-21-03 7+ A Day at the Park
  by Christopher Doss
05-21-03 1+ Rosie The Bag Lady
  by Janet Owenby
05-09-03 7+ A Short History of Mother's Day
  by Gregory Christiano
05-07-03 16+ An angel playing the mandolin
  by Janet Hull
05-04-03 10+ The Blue Life Fading Away
  by hedwig
05-02-03 1+ An Unexpected Hero
  by Regina S.
04-28-03 13+ the biggining one day on earth
  by Kayde Gibbon
04-28-03 7+ The Fusion
  by Jessica May
04-27-03 18+ Of New York and Our National Character
  by Gregory Christiano
04-27-03 13+ raye and minas fight
  by Kayde Gibbon
04-26-03 7+ The Lonely Bunny(Has Zelda characters from Magora's Mask and Ocarina Of Time. But, has some madeup facts)
  by hedwig
04-26-03 10+ The Princess's of Skyler
  by Jessicia Segura
04-26-03 16+ together at last
  by Julie Stephens
04-26-03 4+ Dust and Kittens
  by Anne Whelmer
04-25-03 10+ Carrot Eyed Dorsey
  by Dorsey Winter
04-22-03 10+ The Wrestlers Vacation(Very funny)
  by hedwig
04-22-03 18+ Thumper
  by Gregory Christiano
04-22-03 13+ Neptune Needs Mercy
  by Leah Garrison
04-21-03 4+ What's In A Name?
  by Gregory Christiano
04-21-03 10+ Sharing The Same Tears
  by hedwig
04-21-03 4+ Faith, Hope, and Love
  by Jackie Edwards
04-20-03 10+ A True Story (plz read)
  by Jackie Edwards
04-20-03 10+ A DAY ON THE BLOCK (Or Sights from the Fire Escape!)
  by Gregory Christiano
04-19-03 18+ ask mina
  by Kayde Gibbon
04-19-03 10+ When I Reach My Dream, Root For Me(Soon To Be True)
  by hedwig
04-19-03 10+ Tabitha's Tale
  by Katie Langolf
04-19-03 10+ RIDING THE HIGH TRACKS - A Trip on the Third Avenue El
  by Gregory Christiano
04-19-03 13+ hotarus big day (marrage to seiya kou)
  by Kayde Gibbon
04-14-03 10+ Joe The Loser
  by hedwig
04-11-03 10+ A Opinion Of Mine
  by hedwig
04-09-03 16+ Flames of Love
  by Nocturne Riddle
04-09-03 16+ Red Eyes
  by Christina Martin
04-06-03 13+ Summer Nights of Summer Fights
  by Chelsea Rigdon
04-02-03 4+ Up in the Great Big Sky
  by Pepper Basham
04-02-03 4+ Jack and His Blue Shoe
  by Pepper Basham
04-02-03 1+ Sun Shining Spear!
  by Lovisa Linde
04-01-03 10+ Life Is What You Make It
  by Marilyn Mackenzie
04-01-03 4+ The Winter Quilt
  by Pepper Basham
03-31-03 4+ The Dragon Who Was Afraid of the Dark
  by Pepper Basham
03-28-03 10+ Woodland Chaos! Sano the Black Fox
  by Haley Thistle
03-28-03 10+ Two New Girls
  by Deborah Ungureanu
Win Date Praise Ages Title and Writer
03-28-03 16+ Broken Meditation
  by Subarna Kesari Chitrakar
03-26-03 18+ Gap
  by Esther Spurrill
03-25-03 13+ In someone shoes
  by Joyce Liu
03-24-03 18+ Heaven on Earth
  by Meg Horner
03-24-03 13+ Evey
  by Meg Horner
03-23-03 1+ A Special Thanks
  by Janet Owenby
03-22-03 7+ Voice of Freedom
  by Robin Thomas
03-21-03 4+ My Baby Cat, Percy
  by Tiffany Newton
03-20-03 10+ About Panic Attacks
  by Robert Betts
03-19-03 16+ Return to France
  by Haley Thistle
03-16-03 4+ A Big Thank You to Bob!
  by Betty Eskdale
03-13-03 10+ The Return of Seiya 2: The Troubles began!
  by Nguyen Tran Quynh Anh
03-10-03 10+ Gates Of Poets Heaven
  by Janet Owenby
03-06-03 10+ Special Fat Owl
  by Colette Reynolds
03-06-03 16+ Truth, Justice and Peace...Worthy aims! Achievable objectives?
  by Patrick Talty
03-03-03 13+ A Rescue Mission
  by Pamela Mccray
03-03-03 18+ Like This Liket Hat
  by Rainia Joy
03-03-03 18+ On Creation
  by Pierre Fortin
03-03-03 7+ My Favorite Neighbor
  by Marilyn Mackenzie
03-01-03 18+ God's Work, God's Way
  by Pepper Basham
02-28-03 13+ Naomie aka Sailor Earth
  by Lauren Mccoy
02-28-03 4+ The Pussy Willow and the Little Boy
  by Ron Hawkins
02-25-03 13+ The Most Valuable Price to Pay
  by Jennifer Campbell-Kletzli
02-20-03 18+ Our Rays of Tomorrow
  by Giulio Iacobini
02-18-03 18+ Beginner’s Waltz
  by Clarisse Santos
02-17-03 13+ An Honest Account of the Death of Johnny Ringo By Dr. John Henry Holliday
  by Nan Jacobs
02-16-03 10+ Guardian of the 10 Planets I
  by Jasmine Hicks
02-16-03 10+ The Return of Seiya
  by Nguyen Tran Quynh Anh
02-14-03 10+ Sample Collection
  by Esther Spurrill
02-12-03 16+ Missed Connection - An Online Personals Ad
  by Aaron Schmookler
02-11-03 18+ Strushle Jock
  by Eddie Bruce
02-11-03 18+ Cathy's challenge Boys with Toys, essay
  by Walter Jones
02-09-03 7+ Look At All the Capes
  by Haley Thistle
02-07-03 7+ Call Me, Beep Me I'm Kim Posssible
  by hedwig
02-07-03 1+ ice cream
  by Lane Boucher
02-06-03 13+ My Two Greeks
  by Aaron Schmookler
02-05-03 13+ Simone - Movie Review
  by Aaron Schmookler
02-04-03 10+ It'll All Be Just Glass
  by Haley Thistle
02-03-03 10+ Prolauge To the Silver Sailor Universe Legacy
  by Rebecca Castro
02-02-03 18+ Application
  by Ryszard Krasowski
02-01-03 1+ one day today
  by Joyce Huang
02-01-03 18+ luna and artemis
  by Samantha Trowbridge
01-31-03 4+ PNP USER'S GUIDE: HOW TO POST OR EDIT A DOCUMENT (for Windows users and Beginners)
  by Nan Jacobs
01-31-03 7+ My Wifes 50th Birthday, a greeting not a story.
  by Walter Jones
01-30-03 13+ Friends Forever
  by Ashley Lipscomb
01-30-03 13+ In The First
  by Aaron Schmookler
01-29-03 10+ Notes for different happenings in life
  by Walter Jones
01-29-03 1+ Kylie's Butterfly
  by Tonya Smith
01-29-03 10+ STAR WARS: The History of Darth Squall
  by Esther Spurrill
01-27-03 18+ Remember when...
  by Misty Montier

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