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Stories - Action-Adventure

Stories are arranged by the last one received. The last 50 are displayed. Others may be found by using the links at the bottom of this page.

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Recent Works
Goldwater, The Only Re...
by Regina Pate
Battles Within...
by Jack Curson
Lorain – A short remin...
by Mike Farr
Scream!!!--a Bipolar O...
by Wayne Thomas
Flowing Thoughts.. Let...
by Andrea Carter Salas
by Jeff Holt
Animal, Vegetable and ...
by Jacqueline Ives
by Susan Brown
Kaskaskia Bell...
by Mervin H. Dochterman
by Eric Siedzikowski
Answers to lifes quest...
by Jeanette Foresta
A PI's work is never d...
by phoenix
by Alan Reed
By The Crystal of H...
by Rachel Brown
by Megan Johnston

Win Date Praise Ages Title and Writer
03-06-13 16+ Daisy the Dreadful Wife- short story
  by Sarah Anne Campbell
01-09-13 16+ bloody rose ch. 1
  by jstille
10-18-12 16+ Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel 'Tales of Atonement: Reunited' (small excerpt teaser)
  by Autumn Bartsch
06-16-11 7+ Crazy First Dream with Daughter
  by Andrea Carter Salas
04-24-11 7+ The Love Story of a Moment
  by Raja Sharma
12-21-10 13+ The Unexpected
  by Queency Delena
10-17-10 10+ The Scars You Innocently Bear
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
08-21-10 10+ Aeos
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
06-30-10 10+ Sigmundite
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
06-26-10 10+ If Only The Atlantic
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
06-26-10 13+ Veil of Sin
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
05-31-10 10+ Sky Without Hope or Despair
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
05-31-10 10+ Letters From The Lifestream
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
05-11-10 13+ Pasts and Powers: Chapter One
  by Beth Blakeslee
04-20-10 13+ “Hold Me Until I Break”
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
11-01-09 10+ Nature
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
10-29-09 10+ Lost Angel
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
10-20-09 10+ Monster
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
10-20-09 10+ No Reason
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
10-20-09 13+ Revenge
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
10-18-09 10+ The Hand That Wields The Sword
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
10-18-09 10+ Can You Keep A Secret?
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
10-17-09 10+ Die Erinnerungen von Mary
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
09-27-09 7+ Artificial
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
Contest Winner 04-20-09 16+ How Could He Kill Her?
  by Cassie Sweeney
02-25-09 13+ A Sailor Moon Guide to Till Our Lives Burn Out-Part 3 (conclusion)
  by Eric Gasparich
01-07-09 13+ A Sailor Moon Guide to Till Our Lives Burn Out-Part 2
  by Eric Gasparich
01-01-09 13+ A Sailor Moon Guide to Till Our Lives Burn Out-Part 1
  by Eric Gasparich
08-12-08 1+ A Day With The Boys
  by Nancy Wilson
11-08-07 16+ The Alternate World Pt 2 (Last)
  by synclaire232
11-07-07 13+ The Alternate World
  by synclaire232
05-25-07 13+ Virtue of Tomorrow .:Prelude:.
  by Elysia Foster
03-19-07 18+ Star Wars in A new generation of Jedi's part 2
  by Christina Johnson
03-09-07 18+ Star Wars in A new Generation of Jedi's
  by Christina Johnson
02-27-07 10+ My Own World Side Crisis---part 4
  by Alma Hulbert
02-06-07 7+ A Time of Legacy ~ Part One
  by Raycel Mckelleb
01-29-07 13+ Legendary heroes
  by Daniel Hedgecorth
01-04-07 10+ My own World Side Crisis part 3
  by Alma Hulbert
12-05-06 7+ New Moon- part five
  by Tasha Wells
12-05-06 7+ New Moon- part four
  by Tasha Wells
12-05-06 7+ New Moon- Part three
  by Tasha Wells
11-09-06 10+ My Own World Side Crisis ---Part 2
  by Alma Hulbert
Contest Winner 10-29-06 10+ My Own World Side Crisis
  by Alma Hulbert
10-11-06 13+ Kaitlyn
  by Taryn Drag
09-22-06 7+ 10 Things Not To Do With A Ninja Squirrel
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
09-22-06 7+ Introducing...Sailor Chibi Chibi Star! Chapter 1
  by Holly Mcavoy
08-26-06 16+ Celestial Politics Chapter 1
  by Kacey Norman
08-11-06 10+ They Must Be Watching Over Us
  by Kimberly Angelone
07-22-06 13+ The Story Of Two Sisters Who Became Sailor Senshi
  by Brenna Swab
07-19-06 7+ The Hunt
  by BJ Niktabe
Win Date Praise Ages Title and Writer
07-01-06 7+ A New Sailor Senshi Named Sailor Galaxy Chapter 5!
  by Brenna Swab
06-16-06 7+ Sailor Moon Mixed Mew Mew Power Story!
  by Brenna Swab
06-16-06 7+ A New Sailor Senshi Named Sailor Galaxy Chapter 4!
  by Brenna Swab
06-12-06 7+ The New Sailor Senshi Named Sailor Galaxy Chapter 3!
  by Brenna Swab
06-08-06 7+ The New Sailor Senshi Sailor Galaxy Chapter 2!
  by Brenna Swab
06-06-06 7+ A New Sailor Senshi Named Sailor Galaxy Chapter 1!
  by Brenna Swab
05-09-06 7+ The life and times of Sailor Pluto
  by Alma Hulbert
02-24-06 4+ Breakaway
  by usprincess123
12-28-05 4+ 10 things not to do at a funeral
  by Paula Tsvayg
11-25-05 13+ Rini and Hotaru:A Straw Hat's Tale
  by starlightceres
09-19-05 16+ A Dream of Hell (prologue)
  by Cory Jordan
09-04-05 10+ The Swim
  by Eleni Makarios
08-31-05 7+ Nakimushi Usagi no Naru Henshin!
  by Helena Lanie Hackmen
08-22-05 7+ I'm Lita,This is my Life.
  by Alma Hulbert
06-27-05 10+ June 27, 2005
  by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball
06-12-05 10+ Sailor Moon vs The Zombies-part 1
  by Andrew Findlay
03-23-05 16+ The Drifter
  by Darren Lang-whiston
Contest Winner 03-02-05 4+ Bewitched
  by Anthony Lane Stahlhut
02-15-05 10+ No Sodium for you!!
  by Sammy Anderson
02-08-05 10+ Infinite Earth
  by Lauren Rao
12-10-04 10+ Quantum Omega and the Scouts
  by Andrew Findlay
09-12-04 10+ Tricks of Horror
  by usprincess123
09-05-04 10+ A Curse From The Heavens...
  by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball
08-05-04 10+ Andrea ----- the edited and changed version with a surprise confrontation
  by Paula Tsvayg
07-23-04 7+ it was just a normal day
  by Paula Tsvayg
12-05-03 10+ Follow you dreams 2
  by Kristy Rog
11-12-03 1+ Sailor Love Kitty #2: Sailor Love Kitty Meets The Scouts
  by Tiffany Newton
11-01-03 1+ Sailor Love Kitty #1: Sailor Love Kitty's Awakening
  by Tiffany Newton
09-21-03 7+ The Showdown
  by Gregory Christiano
09-18-03 1+ The Turkey Escape
  by Melissa Andersson
07-19-03 10+ A Girl In a New World
  by hedwig
07-01-03 10+ Shadow The HedgeHog
  by hedwig
06-18-03 10+ Kidnapped (changed ending)
  by Toni Sweeney
06-18-03 1+ ive always wanted to be the little mermaid that everyone loved
  by Jenny Stein
06-17-03 7+ Sailor Moon vs. Nebula
  by Paul Kangas
04-28-03 7+ The Fusion
  by Jessica May
03-13-03 10+ The Return of Seiya 2: The Troubles began!
  by Nguyen Tran Quynh Anh
02-17-03 13+ An Honest Account of the Death of Johnny Ringo By Dr. John Henry Holliday
  by Nan Jacobs
02-16-03 10+ The Return of Seiya
  by Nguyen Tran Quynh Anh
01-29-03 10+ STAR WARS: The History of Darth Squall
  by Esther Spurrill
01-25-03 7+ Lost After Being Kidnapped
  by Kattie Reinhart
01-25-03 7+ ~The Moon Tale~
  by Annie Mcvay
01-21-03 13+ War on Jupiter
  by Pamela Mccray
12-18-02 18+ Mooned (Way to go Sailor Moon now what?)
  by Haley Thistle
12-16-02 18+ The Stopper - Part 2
  by James Bergstad
12-08-02 7+ We'll never forget the day of the tornado
  by Sara Schmenk
10-29-02 16+ Potholes & Speed
  by Eddie Bruce
10-21-02 13+ Dragon Ball Z. Goten Dies, Vestin's Sacrifice.
  by Haley Thistle
09-30-02 10+ Flying
  by Haley Thistle
09-29-02 10+ Sailor Leo Champion of Truth and Courage
  by Haley Thistle

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