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Stories - Humor

Stories are arranged by the last one received. The last 50 are displayed. Others may be found by using the links at the bottom of this page.

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Recent Works
Goldwater, The Only Re...
by Regina Pate
Battles Within...
by Jack Curson
Lorain – A short remin...
by Mike Farr
Scream!!!--a Bipolar O...
by Wayne Thomas
Flowing Thoughts.. Let...
by Andrea Carter Salas
by Jeff Holt
Animal, Vegetable and ...
by Jacqueline Ives
by Susan Brown
Kaskaskia Bell...
by Mervin H. Dochterman
by Eric Siedzikowski
Answers to lifes quest...
by Jeanette Foresta
A PI's work is never d...
by phoenix
by Alan Reed
By The Crystal of H...
by Rachel Brown
by Megan Johnston

Win Date Praise Ages Title and Writer
02-27-11 16+ Stars North Of Alaska
  by Mylinda Rives
02-05-11 4+ A Look Alike
  by Mae Futter Stein
09-24-10 7+ Known Unknown
  by Raja Sharma
08-21-10 10+ Aeos
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
11-01-09 10+ Nature
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
10-20-09 10+ Reaching Out To You
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
10-20-09 13+ Revenge
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
09-15-09 7+ Christ Goes Shopping
  by Raja Sharma
02-25-09 13+ A Sailor Moon Guide to Till Our Lives Burn Out-Part 3 (conclusion)
  by Eric Gasparich
01-01-09 13+ A Sailor Moon Guide to Till Our Lives Burn Out-Part 1
  by Eric Gasparich
09-02-08 10+ My Reviewer Friend
  by Raja Sharma
09-02-08 10+ American English Vs Englishes
  by Raja Sharma
09-01-08 13+ Learn English My Way
  by Raja Sharma
01-03-08 10+ A moment like this
  by Tammy Frascona
12-21-07 16+ A New Beginning
  by Ashley Mccool
11-08-07 16+ The Alternate World Pt 2 (Last)
  by synclaire232
11-07-07 13+ The Alternate World
  by synclaire232
Contest Winner 04-13-07 10+ Strikeout!!!
  by Jordan Screws
Contest Winner 03-03-07 10+ My Mind; A Strange Place
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
02-27-07 10+ My Own World Side Crisis---part 4
  by Alma Hulbert
02-02-07 13+ A Maiden’s Untold Canterbury Tale
  by tigerlilly
01-29-07 13+ Legendary heroes
  by Daniel Hedgecorth
01-25-07 10+ Why I'm A Capitalization Freak
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
01-22-07 13+ First Contest Entry
  by Kellie Padgett
01-04-07 10+ My own World Side Crisis part 3
  by Alma Hulbert
09-22-06 7+ 10 Things Not To Do With A Ninja Squirrel
  by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
09-08-06 7+ 10 Things Not To Do Working in a Department Store
  by BJ Niktabe
Contest Winner 09-04-06 10+ 10 Things Not to Do As a Freshman
  by Amelia Zada
08-02-06 7+ Sailor Scout Stories: Serena's Self-esteem aka The Return Of Queen Beryl
  by Elisabeth Hatheway
07-01-06 13+ Sailor Perfect - A Mary-Sue Parody
  by Mary Divis
06-16-06 7+ Sailor Moon Mixed Mew Mew Power Story!
  by Brenna Swab
05-09-06 7+ The life and times of Sailor Pluto
  by Alma Hulbert
Contest Winner 03-12-06 4+ Snow Monologue
  by Jean George
11-25-05 10+ A Summer In Britain
  by Haley Robinson
08-31-05 7+ Nakimushi Usagi no Naru Henshin!
  by Helena Lanie Hackmen
08-22-05 7+ I'm Lita,This is my Life.
  by Alma Hulbert
07-31-05 10+ Dubbing Sailor StarS: Part One
  by chibimars
06-22-05 13+ One day you will know
  by Brian Dickenson
06-12-05 10+ Sailor Moon vs The Zombies-part 1
  by Andrew Findlay
03-17-05 13+ Sleep Death Party Unrevised
  by Sarah Mahler
03-12-05 13+ Tea Madness
  by Madeline Cruz
Contest Winner 03-02-05 4+ Bewitched
  by Anthony Lane Stahlhut
01-08-05 10+ Ideas for Sailor MoonStories
  by Andrew Findlay
12-31-04 10+ Chronicles of Darien-Part Two
  by Andrew Findlay
12-29-04 10+ Darien's Foolish Rescue
  by Andrew Findlay
11-15-04 7+ True Love.... Or Not
  by Stefanie Mendoza
10-04-04 10+ How Many Fingers?
  by Kevin (Buddy) Ales
09-20-04 13+ Love in the age of Bandits - A User's Guide
  by Aaron Schmookler
09-05-04 10+ A Curse From The Heavens...
  by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball
08-21-04 10+ Johnny's Mental Aritmetic
  by Gregory Christiano
Win Date Praise Ages Title and Writer
Contest Winner 04-18-04 16+ Wedding Letter Blues
  by Leah Garrison
03-22-04 10+ Aladdin Never Had Car Keys (an essay)
  by Stefanie Mendoza
02-26-04 13+ First Job Jitters
  by Stefanie Mendoza
01-09-04 7+ The Bonfire and the Stupid Horse
  by Jessica May
01-09-04 10+ Horror High(feat. pnp members)
  by Paul Kangas
01-01-04 10+ Nice Trick
  by Delaney Lindley
09-18-03 1+ The Turkey Escape
  by Melissa Andersson
08-31-03 7+ Ginny's Most Embarrassing Moment
  by Heather Czigan
06-18-03 10+ cinna the poets resume ( from the shakespeare thing)
  by Jenny Stein
06-18-03 1+ ive always wanted to be the little mermaid that everyone loved
  by Jenny Stein
06-17-03 10+ im underground because
  by Jenny Stein
04-22-03 18+ Thumper
  by Gregory Christiano
04-21-03 4+ Faith, Hope, and Love
  by Jackie Edwards
04-01-03 10+ Life Is What You Make It
  by Marilyn Mackenzie
03-10-03 10+ Gates Of Poets Heaven
  by Janet Owenby
02-12-03 16+ Missed Connection - An Online Personals Ad
  by Aaron Schmookler
02-06-03 13+ My Two Greeks
  by Aaron Schmookler
01-25-03 7+ Lost After Being Kidnapped
  by Kattie Reinhart
01-19-03 10+ HOW TO BE THE BEST MOMMIE ON YOUR BLOCK (and go insane!)
  by Cristina Lipp
01-10-03 16+ Dodgy Night Out
  by Eddie Bruce
12-16-02 13+ Rocky Ford and Harrison, Too
  by Bob Church
12-11-02 13+ Gone
  by Aaron Schmookler
11-26-02 16+ Ho-Ho-Hole!
  by Bob Church
10-30-02 1+ Dancing in time with the music
  by Ryszard Krasowski
10-29-02 16+ Potholes & Speed
  by Eddie Bruce
10-22-02 13+ Dude
  by Aaron Schmookler
10-05-02 10+ The Hay Fight
  by Esther Spurrill
10-02-02 4+ Ingredients
  by Ryszard Krasowski
09-30-02 10+ Flying
  by Haley Thistle
09-29-02 10+ Sailor Leo Champion of Truth and Courage
  by Haley Thistle
09-17-02 16+ Oh, Blasphemous Tuesday
  by Bob Church
09-14-02 10+ Robert Corum in Legend2: the Electronic wars! Chap. 1 pt. 1
  by Matthew Czigan
09-14-02 16+ This Just In...
  by Bob Church
09-08-02 18+ A Letter To My Neighbor
  by Bob Church
09-07-02 13+ Yea, sure, lady... I'll believe anything...
  by Bob Church
09-04-02 16+ Receiver
  by Eddie Bruce
08-31-02 16+ What's In A Name?
  by Bob Church
08-26-02 18+ The Frosted Mug
  by Aaron Schmookler
08-23-02 10+ Mud and Retribution
  by Aaron Schmookler
08-19-02 13+ Almost Twenty-twenty
  by Eddie Bruce
08-17-02 10+ The True Blue Native Floridian Quiz
  by Cristina Lipp
08-17-02 18+ A Memo From God:
  by Bob Church
08-10-02 13+ Dental Hygiene Danger
  by Aaron Schmookler
08-10-02 16+ Parking Lot Ethics 101
  by Bob Church
08-05-02 1+ The making of Hard Crack Accidents
  by Beth Greene
08-01-02 1+ Combination of the two generations
  by Beth Greene
07-30-02 1+ The Writer's Demons
  by Beth Greene
07-23-02 13+ Pooling Our Resources
  by Bob Church
07-21-02 13+ An Interview With The Search Engine
  by Bob Church
07-06-02 18+ The Principle of Rational Deniability
  by Bob Church

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